Who We Are ?

Get To Know Who We Are & What We Do?

QL. Quality Living is a Real Estates and Building Construction concerned organization incorporated since 2004.

Our love and passion for anything and everything Real Estate knows no bounds hence our resolve to always think outside of the box everytime and come up with ways of simplifying operations of the Nigerian Building Industry.

With the Covid 19 pandemic came so many challenges to human ways of life across the world, chief amongst it is the way of conducting business; many and major businesses are now being conducted and concluded with minimal body and facial contacts all over the world, and our Industry, the Built Environment isn’t isolated from the new norm.

QL ONLINE HUB is a platform created to make doing business in the Built Environment much easier; Building Materials and related Industry Services can now be searched and sourced online more than ever.

Sourcing and ordering for Building Materials, Professional Services as well as Artisans like Cement, Bricks & Blocks, Plumbing Materials, Electrical & Electronics, Wood & Planks, Roofing Materials, Floor & Ceiling Materials, Paints & other Wall Coverings, Windows & Doors, Bathroom & Kitchen Equipments etc. Building Professionals like Architects, Builders, M&E Engineers, Estates & Quantity Surveyors etc. Artisans like Carpenters, Bricklayers, Painters, Iron Benders & Welders, Electricians, Tilers etc is now more easier than it has even been with QL Hub.

Join our ever growing platform today and be a proud partner in building the largest Real Estates, Building Construction and Service in the entirety of Africa.



Why You Should Chose Us ?


 QL have been on ground for over a decade now and we are well grounded in the Nigeria Building Industry having had course over the years to relate and do business with major stakeholders in the Industry.

  • QL is a household name, a dependable allie and a trusted brand.

We are in partnership with major Professional bodies in the Nigeria Built Industry i.e Nigeria Institute of Architects (NIA), Nigeria Institute of Builders (NIOB), Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS), Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV), Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) etc.

  • QL have built relationships over the years with many of these major players in the industry in public and private sector and beyond.
  • QL have built operational platforms with which it related and interfaced with Government Ministries, Departments & Agencies (MDAs) and still does.
  • QL have had course to relate and still relate with captains of the Building Industry and so have the platform to connect and bridge the gap between the manufacturers, Professionals, Artisans and the end users who are home owners.
  • QL will give our subscribers the much need visibility which will in turn aid growth of their businesses and translate to cash inflow.
  • QL will help generate traffic of products and services seekers for all our subscribers using the power of our modern day marketing on and offline.
  • QL will guarantee every business sourced and concluded on our platform is genuine because TRUST is our watchword in QL.
  • Two things are guaranteed to all our subscribers and clients, first, Grow your Business and secondly, Make Money.

Our Team

Meet the team

Our Team is made up of highly trained professionals from different Backgrounds.


Kiri Wakama

CEO – QL Group


Kayode Ogundapo

Kayode Ogundapo

COO – QL Group.


Elegon Brenda. Head, Marketing.

Elegon Brenda

Head, Marketing.

Mary Ezekiel Ekanem (Administration)

Mary Ezekiel Ekanem



Why Give Us a Trial ?


You should give us a trial because we have created a template which automatically uses GPRS to identify each location, registered subscribers and end users around every location at every point in time and connect them to eachother within few minutes.

QL will guarantee all jobs done and concluded have ratings from the end users which in turn recommend and improve the more, chances of products and services providence and in turn translate to getting more jobs or/and sell your services via our platform.

You can not be a subscriber with QLnghub and not get connected to at least 3 to 5 end-users who requires your services every month.

Our subscribers are entitled yearly to several QL souvenirs, invites to yearly events of major Professional bodies as well as top players in the industry which gives our subscribers confidence and a sense of belonging, one which you will be proud of amongst your peers business and social-wise.

Our subscribers would be entitled to attend at least one or two seminars in every year which is geared toward improving their products, services as well as learn new skills and ideals improves your businesses.

Our subscribers are offered the opportunity to join the biggest and largest Building and Construction platform in Africa.

QL will guarantee you steady jobs and business generated while you’re sleeping at night, and you would only need to look up your personal portal or phone and connect with your sure customers when you wake up.

All these and many more is why you should give us a trial.

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